2019-2020 Quest for Gold (Ontario provincial carding) Criteria

Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Athletics Ontario has posted the 2019-2020 carding criteria, probably the earliest this has been released in many years. Unfortunately, they haven't made changes dealing with the considerable issues that have been brought to their attention by coaches over the past few years.
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Quest for Gold (Ontario Athlete Carding) Gap Analysis

In 2017, Athletics Ontario released provincial carding (Quest for Gold, Q4G) criteria based on the then current Athletics Canada NextGen standards, a talent ID and development program. Some of the standards appeared to be such egregious outliers that, upon posting on this topic at the time, some experienced distance runners suggested the times may have been errors/typos (they were not). Despite an outcry from AO members, our provincial body continues to use these standards in the recently released 2019-2020 Q4G criteria. Included below is an update of a prior post on this topic that, unfortunately, is still relevant to Ontario distance runners.

As some readers may know, Athletics Canada uses a 'bridging the gap' analysis as part of their national carding system. I put together an analysis that measures the gap between the 2017-2018 Athletics Ontario Quest for Gold standards (based exclusively on 2017 AC NextGen standards, which were current at the time) and the coinciding AC Carding standards. This gap analysis illustrates the progression an Ontario athlete would have to make to improve from a provincial carding level to a national carding level, based on the minimum standards necessary to be able to apply for each...

Full article here: https://www.enduranceodyssey.ca/original.php?id=17
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