2019 Canadian Marathon Results round-up

Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago
It's marathon season, so I've made a list of top Canadian marathon results this year, as well as who to follow where in upcoming events. Feel free to contribute results I may have missed or folks who have been announced for future marathons this spring.

Relevant standards:
- 2019 Pan American Games: M 2:20:00/W 2:50:00
- 2019 IAAF World Championships: M 2:16:00/W 2:37:00
- 2020 Olympic Games: M 2:11:30/W 2:29:30

Houston Marathon, January 20th
7. Malindi Elmore 2:32:10
8. Sasha Gollish 2:32:54
17. Kate Bazeley 2:39:55

13. Tristan Woodfine 2:15:19

Nagoya Women's Marathon, March 10th
15. Rachel Cliff 2:26:56 CR

Rotterdam Marathon, April 7th
9. Melanie Myrand 2:33:20
11. Emily Setlack 2:35:47

15. John Mason 2:15:17
21. Thomas Toth 2:19:27
29. Chris Balestrini 2:22:11

Paris Marathon, April 14th
22. Blair Morgan 2:23:37

Boston Marathon, April 15th
35. Kate Gustafson 2:42:34
46. Krista Duchene 2:44:12
Anne Johnston 2:43:02 (net time, started with wave 1, gun time was 2:45:09)

Upcoming events

Hamburg Marathon, April 28th
Trevor Hofbauer

Prague Marathon, May 5th
Leslie Sexton

Ottawa Marathon, May 26th
Dayna Pidhoresky
Rachel Hannah

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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Hofbauer ran 2:16:48 in Hamburg today for an ~80s PB. His 5k splits were very even, looks like he got 100% out of himself today!
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John Lofranco said 1 year ago
Nice for Trevor!
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Reid Coolsaet has announced he'll race Ottawa Marathon on May 26th.
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Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago
Add Anne-Marie Comeau (fresh off a 1:14:05 half) to the list of Canadians racing Ottawa. https://www.trackie.com/track-and-field/Articles/second-win-for-woodfine-comeau-is-for-real/16183/
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
I am hearing murmurs that Sexton ran a 2:31:51 at the Prague Marathon on May 5th
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Ben Burr said 1 year ago
That's a 2:32 if you round up like the thread title requests.
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Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago

That's a 2:32 if you round up like the thread title requests.

I'll call it a "sub-2:32," I worked hard for those nine seconds, Ben!
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Ben Burr said 1 year ago
It's only a 2:32 in the context of the thread, of course. You're a 2:31 marathoner to me, Leslie. (But don't tell 2:04-marathoner Ryan Hall I said that!)
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Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago
Ottawa Marathon start list: https://www.runottawa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/6a.-Start-List_Scotiabank-Ottawa-Marathon-2019-051519-1.pdf

Sub 2:40 Canadian women: Rachel Hannah, Dayna Pidhoresky, Tarah Korir
Sub 2:20 Canadian men: Reid Coolsaet, John Mason, Berhanu Degefa (IAAF lists Ethiopia for his citizenship but the start list says Canada)
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John Lofranco said 1 year ago
Anne-Marie Comeau for Ottawa too. 1:14 half.
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Ottawa Marathon - Men
Reid Coolsaet 2:17:37

Ottawa Marathon - Women
Dayna Pidhoresky 2:37:19
Krista Duchene 2:38:46
Rachel Hannah 2:41:31
Anne-Marie Comeau 2:43:59
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Ottawa pretty much wraps up the spring marathon season; 2019 Canadian rankings so far using the 2:20 (M) Pan Am standard and roughly equivalent (via Mercier) 2:45 (W)

sub-2:20 (M)
John Mason 2:15:17 Rotterdam
Tristan Woodfine 2:15:19 Houston
(2 men under 2019 World standard of 2:16:00)
Trevor Hofbauer ran 2:16:48 Hamburg *not in Athletics Canada rankings
Reid Coolsaet 2:17:37 Ottawa
Thomas Toth 2:19:27 Rotterdam

sub-2:45 (W)
Rachel Cliff 2:26:56 CR Nagoya
Leslie Sexton 2:31:51 Prague
Malindi Elmore 2:32:10 Houston
Sasha Gollish 2:32:54 Houston
Melanie Myrand 2:33:20 Rotterdam
Emily Setlack 2:35:47 Rotterdam
(6 women under 2019 World standard of 2:37:00)
Dayna Pidhoresky 2:37:19 Ottawa
Krista Duchene 2:38:46 Ottawa
Kate Bazeley 2:39:55 Houston
Rachel Hannah 2:41:31 Ottawa
Kate Gustafson 2:42:34 Boston *not in Athletics Canada rankings
Anne-Marie Comeau 2:43:59 Ottawa
Leanne Klassen 2:44:08 Sprouts Mesa *not in Athletics Canada rankings

Honourable mention
Anne Johnston 2:43:02 Boston (net time, started with wave 1, gun time was 2:45:09) *not in Athletics Canada rankings

Note: for road race performances, time should always be rounded off (up) to the second and based on gun time, as that's what counts for prizing, etc. for elites
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
World Championships, September 27th
9. Lyndsay Tessier 2:42:03
27. Melanie Myrand 2:57:40

Berlin Marathon, September 29th
12th woman. Krista Duchene 2:32:27
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Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago
Lots of fall results, plus one spring result we missed!

Daegu International Marathon, April 7th
11. Berhanu Degefa 2:14:50

World Championships, October 5th
36. John Mason 2:19:23
45. Berhanu Degefa 2:22:28

Chicago Marathon, October 13th
46. Eric Bang 2:19:56

Toronto Waterfront Marathon, October 20th
10. Dayna Pidhoresky 2:29:03
11. Emily Setlack 2:29:48
13. Kinsey Middleton 2:34:36
14. Kate Bazeley 2:36:35
15. Robyn Mildren 2:36:47
17. Tarah Korir 2:42:05

7. Trevor Hofbauer 2:09:51
11. Tristan Woodfine 2:13:16
12. Cam Levins 2:15:01
14. Reid Coolsaet 2:15:23
15. Thomas Toth 2:16:28
16. Rory Linkletter 2:16:42
20. Evan Esselink 2:18:38
21. Aaron Cooper 2:19:01
22. Chris Balestrini 2:19:56
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Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago
Philadelphia Marathon, November 24th
4. Anne-Marie Comeau 2:41:10

18 women sub-2:45 this year (15 are in AC rankings, plus 3 more, see Steve's post above)!

Some fast Canadians racing CIM this year (Dec 8th), performances won't be eligible for rankings but we could see some solid times. Brittany Moran (2:40:49 PB) and Liza Howard (2:45:22 PB) on the women's side, Blair Morgan (2:18:29 PB) on the men's side, anyone else I missed?
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Maurice Wilson said 1 year ago
CIM added 5 women's performances under 2:45. Plus one man under 2:20.

That brings the total to 30 sub 2:45 performances, by 22 women in 2019. 21 of those performances were record eligible.
This by far beats the previous best for any calendar year. In 1984 there were 19 performances by 12 women. And in 2018 there were 18 performances by 16 women.
Notable also that 7 of those women from last year didn't run a marathon this year.

On the mens side the total is 19 sub 2:20 performances, by 14 men. 18 of those were record eligible.
That is equal to previous bests. 19 performances by 10 men in 1981. And 17 performances by 14 men in 1984.

Without question 2019 has been the best ever year for Canadian marathoning based on those benchmarks.
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