2019 Canadian Marathon Results round-up

Leslie Sexton said 1 month ago
It's marathon season, so I've made a list of top Canadian marathon results this year, as well as who to follow where in upcoming events. Feel free to contribute results I may have missed or folks who have been announced for future marathons this spring.

Relevant standards:
- 2019 Pan American Games: M 2:20:00/W 2:50:00
- 2019 IAAF World Championships: M 2:16:00/W 2:37:00
- 2020 Olympic Games: M 2:11:30/W 2:29:30

Houston Marathon, January 20th
7. Malindi Elmore 2:32:10
8. Sasha Gollish 2:32:54
17. Kate Bazeley 2:39:55

13. Tristan Woodfine 2:15:19

Nagoya Women's Marathon, March 10th
15. Rachel Cliff 2:26:56 CR

Rotterdam Marathon, April 7th
9. Melanie Myrand 2:33:20
11. Emily Setlack 2:35:47

15. John Mason 2:15:17
21. Thomas Toth 2:19:27
29. Chris Balestrini 2:22:11

Paris Marathon, April 14th
22. Blair Morgan 2:23:37

Boston Marathon, April 15th
35. Kate Gustafson 2:42:34
46. Krista Duchene 2:44:12
Anne Johnston 2:43:02 (net time, started with wave 1, gun time was 2:45:09)

Upcoming events

Hamburg Marathon, April 28th
Trevor Hofbauer

Prague Marathon, May 5th
Leslie Sexton

Ottawa Marathon, May 26th
Dayna Pidhoresky
Rachel Hannah

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Steve Weiler said 3 weeks ago
Hofbauer ran 2:16:48 in Hamburg today for an ~80s PB. His 5k splits were very even, looks like he got 100% out of himself today!
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John Lofranco said 3 weeks ago
Nice for Trevor!
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Steve Weiler said 3 weeks ago
Reid Coolsaet has announced he'll race Ottawa Marathon on May 26th.
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Leslie Sexton said 3 weeks ago
Add Anne-Marie Comeau (fresh off a 1:14:05 half) to the list of Canadians racing Ottawa. https://www.trackie.com/track-and-field/Articles/second-win-for-woodfine-comeau-is-for-real/16183/
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Steve Weiler said 2 weeks ago
I am hearing murmurs that Sexton ran a 2:31:51 at the Prague Marathon on May 5th
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Ben Burr said 2 weeks ago
That's a 2:32 if you round up like the thread title requests.
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Leslie Sexton said 2 weeks ago

That's a 2:32 if you round up like the thread title requests.

I'll call it a "sub-2:32," I worked hard for those nine seconds, Ben!
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Ben Burr said 2 weeks ago
It's only a 2:32 in the context of the thread, of course. You're a 2:31 marathoner to me, Leslie. (But don't tell 2:04-marathoner Ryan Hall I said that!)
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Leslie Sexton said 1 week ago
Ottawa Marathon start list: https://www.runottawa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/6a.-Start-List_Scotiabank-Ottawa-Marathon-2019-051519-1.pdf

Sub 2:40 Canadian women: Rachel Hannah, Dayna Pidhoresky, Tarah Korir
Sub 2:20 Canadian men: Reid Coolsaet, John Mason, Berhanu Degefa (IAAF lists Ethiopia for his citizenship but the start list says Canada)
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John Lofranco said 3 days ago
Anne-Marie Comeau for Ottawa too. 1:14 half.
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