2019 London 10,000m

Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
The 14th annual London 10,000m is taking place on Friday, May 10th. The event once again serves as the Athletics Ontario and Ontario Masters Association Championships. There is an entry standard of 45:00. While this event also serves as a championship, it is and has always been an Open competition available to non-Athletics Ontario members.

Question: I have never run a 10,000m; am I okay to register based on my 5k time that is 'worth' sub-45?
Answer: Yes, athletes with 5,000m, 5k, or Half Marathon times that clearly indicate sub-45 ability are welcome to participate.

We are tentatively looking to hire athletes capable of hitting the following paces:
W10,000m: 3:16-3:20/k for at least 2,400m (up to a maximum of 5,000m)
M10,000m: 2:57-3:00/k for at least 2,400m (up to a maximum of 5,000m)
These paces may be adjusted based on actual entries and requests from top athletes. If you are capable of hitting these targets and definitely not racing the 10,000m, you can contact me at any time either by email or posting in this thread.

Request a Song
Once again, all 10,000m participants can request a song to be played during the meet, doing so either during registration or posting here.

Host club London Runner will cover a limited number of elite athlete accommodations. For details on this and more, visit the event page: www.enduranceodyssey.ca/events.php

Want to help make this event and the 10,000m field even better? Be sure to register early and spread the word. We also welcome feedback and suggestions, particularly if accompanied by offers to collaborate or help implement (i.e. don't suggest that it would be nice to offer $5,000 to the winner for a meet that strives to break even, unless you have interested sponsors willing to cover it).

Our first entry this year is Kyle Wyatt, who ran 1:07:07 at the Houston Half Marathon earlier this year and holds a 2:18:55 personal best from the 2018 Chicago Marathon. Kyle is slated to compete at the Drake Relays next week - go Kyle!

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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
I reached out to Athletics Ontario asking if the 2019-2020 Quest for Gold criteria will be released before the entry deadline for the first AO Championships meet (included with the London 10,000m) and have received a positive response indicating the carding details should be out by the end of next week and that they "will very likely remain the same as last year."
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
The Men's 10,000m field is starting to come along, now with 6 entries including a pacer. The tentative pace is 2:57-3:00/k. If people want to request faster than posted paces for this or any other meet, it is best to contact me with a fair bit of notice.
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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Since 2006, I've kept statistics on both the London 10,000m and Canadian 10,000m Championships, tracking field size and depth including placing times (1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th). For London, 2006-2012 was a building period and 2013-2019 has seen fairly consistent field size.

Notable stats from 2019 London 10,000m:
*6th consecutive year with a men's winning time under 30:00
*7th consecutive year with 19+ finishers (Men + Women total)
*9th consecutive year with at least 1 finisher from host club (London Runner)
*10th place male ran 31:20.97 - this is faster than 10th place at any domestic 10,000m in 2018, including the Canadian Championships. It's the 2nd fastest 10th place time ever at the London 10,000m, notably ahead of the one year we hosted Canadian Champs in 2015 (10th place that year was Clinton Smith in 31:26.90, competing for London Runner).
*11 men under 31:30 (2019 Canadian Champs standard)
*Michael Gill (Unattached) ran 30:45.59, a new Ontario masters record (40+)
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