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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
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Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago
In an effort to get some discussion going, I invite everyone to share a story or memory about any of the interviewees so far. Colin's McGriddle story was very entertaining, let's see more of that!

Cleo's interview referenced a World Junior standard attempt in 2012...the main thing I remember from that night was that it was crazy windy in Kingston! The 3000m was delayed in hopes that the wind would calm down, and there was even talk of calling off the attempt at standard. Eventually it was decided that we would go for 9:45 pace in order to bridge the gap between Cleo's PB at the time and the standard of 9:35 and Cleo would make another attempt at the standard at a meet in London a few days later. Since the goal pace was now slower I successfully negotiated with Weiler to allow me to pace and finish. I went through the first k right around the adjusted goal pace of 3:15 or maybe a second slow. Shortly after that I realize that Cleo is right on my heels, feeling good, and definitely wanting to go faster! I push a little harder in the second k and soon enough everyone starts losing it and screaming that she has a shot at the standard. Cleo took off somewhere in the final km and put almost 5 seconds on me. In retrospect I wish I had gone out harder, Cleo crushed the last few laps and ran a big negative split that night. Fortunately she got it done four days later in London!

There were a few of us from London Runner on that trip including Ben Burr and the running joke that weekend was that he had finally made "the travel squad."

EDIT: It turns out I recorded my km splits in my training log and my recollection was a little bit off. We went 3:14, 3:14, then I closed in 3:11 while Cleo closed in 3:06-3:07(!)

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