I am looking to hire pacers for the top sections of our upcoming meets; please contact me directly if interested. Full details, including my contact info, available: https://www.enduranceodyssey.ca/events.php

Sunday, June 16 - 1,500m Night
2019 Pacing Requests (tentative)
Top section: ~2:14 at 800m
2nd fastest section: 2:19-2:20 at 800m
3rd fastest section: 2:21-2:22 at 800m

Top section: 2:55 at 1,200m
2nd fastest section: 2:00-2:01 at 800m
3rd fastest section: 2:02-2:03 at 800m

Note that we've just announced up to $2,000 in time bonuses, partnering once again with Martin J Dixon and Millards Chartered Professional Accountants, for the winners of the fastest sections (M/W) as follows:
1) a bonus of $1,000 if they achieve the 2019 IAAF World standard of 3:36.00/4:06.50
2) a bonus of $500 if they break 3:40/4:11
The time bonus is for the winner only and is non-cumulative.

Saturday, June 22 - Forest City 5,000m
2019 Pacing Requests (tentative)
Women 5,000m
16-low pace (~3:14-3:15/k)

Men 5,000m
Fastest section: 14:00 pace (2:48/k)

There has also been interest in a very fast 3,000m at our Sunday, July 7th Series Finale; that will likely be confirmed mid-June.

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