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Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
By now, most visitors to the site will likely have seen some of the interviews in our series 'Hey Canadian distance runners, tell me something nice!' Our first 5 interviews have been very well received, so we're going to keep this going. Thanks to Tim Hain, Clara Langley, Matt McInnes, Victoria Coates, and Miles Brackenbury for taking the time to share some stories!

The response had been pretty good, so I sent out a second batch of interview requests and within 36 hours received an overwhelmingly positive response! So, over the next month I'll be chatting with Matt Pardo, Lyndsay Tessier, Stuart McGregor, Audrey Giles, Colin Fewer, Melanie Myrand, Rob Denault, Cleo Boyd, Malindi Elmore, and Dylan Wykes!

I will consider suggestions for topics to ask these wonderful people about, if you post them here. If you are a close friend of a future interviewee and wish to provide some 'insider knowledge', as a few people have done to help me with already completed interviews (thanks!), feel free to message me privately.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting and sharing this concept.

Interview homepage:
Steve Weiler said 1 year ago
Reminder: people are welcome to suggest questions/topic areas for upcoming interviews, immediate schedule is:

Sat May 2 - Rob Denault, Canadian Youth 1,500m record holder

Tues May 5 - Lyndsay Tessier, Canadian Masters Marathon record holder, top-10 at Worlds

Fri May 8 - Stu McGregor, paralympian who competed in the CIAU/CIS against able-bodied athletes

Tues May 12 - Cleo Boyd, world junior competitor, ray of sunshine
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Leslie Sexton said 1 year ago
I would like to request that Lyndsay provide at least one picture of her dog!
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