Athlete Interviews

Hey Canadian distance runners, tell me something nice!

Amidst the pandemic crisis we're all dealing with, coach Steve Weiler is looking to contribute something positive to our running community through a series of athlete interviews. The interviews will feature a range of competitive runners from across Ontario - and hopefully, eventually, from across Canada - with a range of abilities, from solid local runners up to national team athletes.

Upcoming interviews: Malindi Elmore, Colin Fewer, Melanie Myrand, Dylan Wykes and Cleo Boyd.

Interview #1 - Tim Hain

Interview #2 - Clara Langley

Interview #3 - Matt McInnes

Interview #4 - Victoria Coates

Interview #5 - Miles Brackenbury

Interview #6 - Matt Pardo

Interview #7 - Audrey Giles

Interview #8 - Rob Denault

Interview #9 - Lyndsay Tessier

Interview #10 - Stuart McGregor

Interview #11 - Cleo Boyd

Interview #12 - Colin Fewer

Interview #13 - Malindi Elmore

Interview #14 - Dylan Wykes