Forum Guidelines

This forum was established to provide a supportive, productive, enjoyable and inclusive discussion environment; participants use their real names, providing transparency and accountability. By posting comments on our Forum you are agreeing to the following guidelines:

(1) Don't Be a Dick

Don't be a dick! Inappropriate comments and personal attacks will be removed and violators temporarily or permanently banned.

(2) Be Yourself

You may not impersonate another person. When applying for an account, use your full name or common short form, ex. Alexander Hamilton or Alex Hamilton.

(3) Contribute; don't hijack

Think before you post, especially when starting a new thread:
*will my message be clear to other users, or do I need to provide more detail?
*should I provide a link to the (competition, article, athlete, etc.) I wish to discuss?
*don't derail or side-track serious threads
*don't ruin light-hearted threads
*read the other posts before you jump into an ongoing discussion
Posts that include spam, advertising or self-promotion may be removed without warning. Violators may be temporally or permanently banned.

(4) Responsibility

You are responsible for everything that you post and therefore can be held responsible for any laws or copyright infringement you may break. We record the IP address on every post / comment and reserve the right to provide this information to law enforcing parties if requested.

(5) Moderation

If necessary, moderators may step in to issue a warning or comment to ensure a thread stays productive. In the case of repeated or more serious breaches of the forum guidelines, inappropriate posts will be deleted and the offending user will be banned.

We reserve the right to modify and amend these guidelines at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of the current Forum guidelines.